There could be several reasons for this. Here are a few things you can check yourself.

  1. You have not checked the “Ready to be Assigned” checkbox on your Arbiter Sports start page.
  2. You have not provided an address in your Arbiter Sports profile. You can’t be assigned without an address, including zip code in your profile. Login to Arbiter Sports, click the Profile tab and double check that your address is correct.
  3. You may have your travel limits set too low. Because of the way Arbiter Sports calculates travel distance, I suggest that travel limits be set no lower than 40. Remember, you can set different limits for each day of the week and can provide a different starting zip code each day of the week. Helpful for those who live in one zip code, but work or go to school is a different zip code.
  4. You may have entered excessive calendar blocks. The harder you make it for the assignor, the less likely it is that you will be assigned games.
  5. You may have turned back too many assignments. If the assignor cannot rely on your calendar being accurate, it is very likely that the assignor will stop giving you game assignments.
  6. You failed to show up for an assignment. Failing to show up for an assignment will automatically get you removed the available referee list. We have a no tolerance policy for “No Shows”.

If you have checked all of the above and still can’t figure it out, contact your assignor.