Referees are not paid after every game. Referees are paid as soon as the leagues pay their referee bills. All payments to referees are made through ArbiterPay.

If you think you should have been paid, e.g. the season ended 6 weeks ago, here are some things you should check.

  • Did you setup an ArbiterPay account at If not, you must setup your account in order to be paid.
  • Login to your Arbiter Sports account and click “Payments” and then “ArbiterPay”. Do you see your ArbiterPay account listed?
  • If your account is not listed, you haven’t linked your ArbiterPay account to your Arbiter Sports account. Follow the directions in the Support section to link the accounts and then notify IYSA at that the accounts have now been linked. You will be paid the next time IYSA runs payroll.
  • If your account is listed, is there an amount shown? If so, you will need to login to your ArbiterPay account on and manually transfer the money to your bank account or ArbiterPay debit card or request a check (fees may apply). You can also setup your ArbiterPay account to automatically transfer money to your bank account (fees may apply).
  • If you have questions about payment, please direct them to IYSA at Do not send payment questions to the Assignor.