Performance Cup Referee Information

Performance Cup is held at two locations this year. U10 – U12 games are at the FC Nova Complex. U13 – U18 games are at the Turf Farm located at [UPDATED] 7350 S. Eagle Road,
Meridian, ID 83642. This is about 1 mile from the FC Nova complex. Please make sure you go to the correct fields. Field maps will be posted at .

Parking will be tight. The tournament is requesting that referees carpool as much as possible since parking will be limited. Please leave home in plenty of time so that you can negotiate traffic, find a parking place and check-in at the referee tent on time.

It is important that you read and understand the Performance Cup Rules of Competition. It is expected that all referees will have a copy of the rules with them at all times during the tournament. The rules are available at . Please pay particular attention to player check-in, game durations, substitution rules, stoppage time, and U-10 rules.

Referee check-in

All referees must check-in at the referee tent 45 minutes before their first assignment of the day. You may check-in for multiple assignments in a row. However, if you have a break, you must check-in again at the referee tent at least 30 minutes before game time. Referees must check-in in person. It is not OK to send your mother, brother, dog, etc. to check-in for you. We will have an actual tent at the Turf Farm. The FC Nova Clubhouse will serve at the referee check-in location for games at FC Nova. The clubhouse is for check-in only. Referees should not expect to hang out in the clubhouse.

What happens if you are late to check-in? You may find that your assignment has been given to another referee or your pay is reduced.

What happens if you don’t check-in at the referee tent? Referees are paid based on check-in. So, if you don’t check-in, there is no way to pay you.

Center referees will be given a blue game card at check-in. Please record the final score accurately on this game card and return to the referee tent immediately after each game. If you are doing back-to-back centers, please send the game card back with one of your ARs. Alternatively, field marshalls may ask to collect you game card. Center referee must sign the card.

Games are scheduled in very tight time slots. Referees must start and stop games on time. No added or stoppage time is allowed in Performance Cup except for Championship games. Here are some ideas to help you.

  • No stoppage time.
  • Check-in teams off the field. Do this quickly. Time is your enemy.
  • Teams do not have to warm up on the field. If time is tight advise the coaches that the game will start immediately.
  • If teams are not on the field ready to play, start your watch and let the coaches know that time has started.
  • If center isn’t present, ARs check the teams in.
  • If center isn’t present at game time, one of the ARs becomes the center, starts the game and remains the center for the entire match.
  • Please print your schedule and have it with you. It helps speed up check-in and gets you to the correct field on time.

Snacks will be available in the referee tents. However, referees should plan on bringing their own water/water bottles. These can be refilled in the referee tent.

Let me know if you have questions.

Have fun!