Rush Select Classic Special Procedures

Please pay special attention to these procedures.

The Rush Select Spring Classic runs from May 8 – May 12. There are special rules in effect for these games that referees MUST keep in mind if they want to be paid. If you have an assignment on one of the above dates and the level is prefixed with RS, then it is a Rush Select Classic game. These games are played at Optimist. You will also note that the teams will be listed on the schedule as Seed 1 v Seed 8 or something similar. The entire referee crew is responsible for determining which team is which before the game begins. Ask, don’t assume. If you get this wrong, then the score you report will be incorrect. That’s a huge problem in a tournament. Please also make sure that the team listed as the home team wears white and that the away team wears blue.

VERY IMPORTANT! Center Referees – Scores for Rush Select Classic games must be reported in 2 places and on time in order to be paid. First, report the score to the headquarters tent immediately after the game. Ask where the headquarters area is if it is not obvious. Second, you must report the score in Arbiter the same night. NO EXCEPTIONS!

The Select Classic Rules can be found at . Referees are responsible for knowing the tournament rules and carrying a copy of the rules with them to each tournament game.

If you have questions, please ask.