Spring 2017 Archive

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The Spring 2017 Archive of Daily Updates Emails can be found below.

Several times each week during the season the Idaho Assignor sends out a Daily Update Email to those who have subscribed to the mailing list. The Daily Update Email mailing list is different than the bulk email that is sent from Arbiter Sports. Arbiter Sports only allows a referee to register a single email address unless the referee signs up for the paid Connected service. Often, this is not satisfactory. Referees may need to receive information at more than one email address, such as home and work. Most of our referees are youth referees. Sometimes it is desirable to have a parent monitor a young referee’s activities. One way to do this is to subscribe additional email addresses to the Daily Updates Email mailing list. If you need to receive Daily Updates Email at an address other than the one registered in Arbiter Sports, please signup using the form on the Get Email Updates page. You can unsubscribe at any time. An unsubscribe link is provided in every Daily Updates Email for your convenience.

All of the Daily Updates Emails are maintained in an archive for the convenience of our referees. There are separate archives for each season going back to 2011. This page contains the Spring 2017 Archive. Other archives can be found on the Email Updates Archive page. If you ever miss an update email or accidentally erase and important update, you will still have access through the archives. The archives are also a very good place to review past tips, recommendations, league rules of competition, referee best practices and other information.

The Daily Updates Emails are sent out to all registered email addresses using the MailChimp service. mailChimp has been around since 2001, has over 7 million users and sends out over 10 billion emails each month. It is very reliable and allows us to track the receipt and opening of our emails.

Spring 2017 Archive