Games Needing Referees

Games Needing Referees

Last updated on April 25, 2019, 9:25 PM

The following referee assignments are currently available. If the position column says REF and the cell is red, the game needs a center referee. AR means the game needs an assistant referee and AR (2) means the game needs 2 assistant referees.

If you would like to fill one or more of these assignments, please send me a text message at 208-841-3560 or email me at

Performance Cup

Time Location Age Position
11:00 BTT 17B AR
12:30 BTT 17B AR
2:00 BTT 19B AR
3:30 BTT 16G AR
8:00 Turf U10 - U12 Numerous ARs
9:15 Turf U10 - U12 Numerous ARs
11:45 Turf U10 Numerous ARs
Time Location Age Position
12:15 BTT 16B AR
12:15 BTT 16B AR
8:00 Turf U10 - U12 Numerous ARs
11:45 Turf 11B AR
12:55 Turf 12B AR
2:30 Turf 11G AR

League Matches

Time Location Age Position
11:00 Ontario 19B FULL CREW
1:00 Ontario 12B REF
9:00 Caldwell 19B FULL CREW
12:00 Caldwell (Brothers) 13B AR
10:30 Middleton (Foote) 12B REF
1:30 Middleton (Foote) 14B AR
10:30 Nampa (CWI) 13B AR
1:30 Mt. Home 11B REF
9:00 Optimist 16B FULL CREW
9:00 Optimist 19B FULL CREW
9:00 Optimist 16B FULL CREW
11:00 Optimist 16B FULL CREW
3:00 Optimist 14B AR (2)
9:00 Optimist 14G FULL CREW
9:00 Optimist 12B REF
10:30 Optimist 12B REF
9:00 Optimist 8B REF
10:00 Optimist 8G REF
11:30 Optimist 9B REF
9:00 Optimist 16B - 19B Numerous ARs
11:00 Optimist 16B - 19B Numerous ARs
1:00 Optimist 16B - 19B Numerous ARs
9:00 Optimist U14 Numerous ARs
10:30 Optimist U14 Numerous ARs
12:00 Optimist U14 Numerous ARs
10:30 Optimist 14B AR (2)
1:30 Optimist U14 Numerous ARs
10:30 Simplot 14B AR (2)
3:00 Simplot 13B AR
3:00 Simplot 19B AR (2)
11:00 Simplot 19B FULL CREW
1:00 Simplot 17B AR
11:00 Simplot 19G FULL CREW
9:00 Simplot 17G AR
9:00 Simplot 16G AR (2)
3:00 Simplot 14G AR

Assignment Reminders

Referees are reminded that to be considered for any of these available assignments, they must be actively engaged in the following Daily To-Do activities.

  • Update Arbiter calendar daily
  • Blocks for next week are due Thursday
  • Check Arbiter schedule daily
  • Read all assignor emails daily
  • File game reports within 48 hours

Additional Information about Available Assignments

If you are interested in one or more of these available assignments, please email as quickly as possible. These assignments tend to go very fast and are often filled on a first requested, first assigned basis. Referees who regularly volunteer to pick up available assignments are appreciated by the assignor. It is also a good way to get your name in front of the assignor frequently.

There are approximately 250 games each week and over 400 available assignments during the soccer season. More assignments are available during the spring season than there are during the fall season due to high school soccer. However, for the same reason, there are fewer referees who can fill the available assignments during the fall season.

The relationship between a referee and assignor is that of a partnership. Each of the partners has a specific set of duties and obligations. For the referee, this entails showing up for each assignment on time and ready to go with knowledge, tools of the trade and professional dress. It also includes items like those set forth in the bulleted list above in the Reminders section. For the assignor, it includes evenly distributing available assignments to referees qualified to handle a particular match. It also includes an obligation to the leagues to fill all of the available assignments each week during the season. As partners, referees assist the assignor in fulfilling this last obligation.

If you ever have questions, please make sure you have reviewed the videos available on the Videos page, checked the articles on the Knowledge Base page, as well as checking the support materials published on the Arbiter Sports website.



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