Want to Referee

USSF LogoAre you a certified USSF soccer referee? Are you looking to referee youth soccer matches in the Treasure Valley of Idaho? If so, download the following document (New Ref Checklist & Agreement) and send the following information to assignor.idaho@gmail.com:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Cell phone
  • Home phone
  • Birthdate
  • A photo of yourself – do not skip this step
  • Acknowledgement that you have read, understand and will abide by the New Ref Checklist & Agreement.

If you are not a certified USSF referee and would like to become one, please visit idahosoccerrefs.org/clinics for information on the next available referee clinic in your area.


Calendar blocks always up-to-date

Checks Arbiter

Checks Arbiter daily during the season

Reading email daily

Reads email daily during the season

Filing a game report

Files accurate game report within 48 hours

Which League Is My Game In?


Referees are always asking, "Which league is my game in?" The answer is right there on your Arbiter schedule.

Look at your schedule and in particular look at the level column. Part of what you see is an age/gender group like 11B or 14G which translates to Under 11 Boys or Under 14 Girls. However, in some cases there is more information there in the form of initials. Those initials designate the league.

RS - Rush Select
Outback - Outback League
FCN - FC Nova Youth League
FCN Gunners - FC Nova Gunners League
No initials - D3

Hopefully this clears up any lingering misunderstandings.

Assigning Procedure & Expectations


I think it is important that referees understand my assigning process and what I expect from my referee partners. There is a handy matrix that you can download to view the process visually. The detailed process is set out below.

  • I begin the assigning process on Friday. While I expect your Arbiter calendar to be correct at all times, it is particularly important that your calendar be up-to-date by Thursday night. Trying to block your calendar after I begin that week's assignments is a meaningless exercise on your part and will inevitably lead to assignments being turned back. Turn backs are something you never want to do.