The videos on this page have been produced to assist our referees in working with Arbiter Sports, completing administrative tasks consistent with the referee’s duties under Law 5 and general tips from the Idaho Assignor and the United States Soccer Federation.

Important Reminder Videos

The videos in this section consist of reminders from the assignor of the tasks referees are expected to carry out on a regular basis during the season. Referees who regularly complete these tasks have a much better chance of receiving the type and number of assignments they desire. Referees who do not may find that they do not receive any assignments at all.

Arbiter Sports Tutorials

The videos in this section consist mostly of tutorials and tips on how to get started with the Arbiter Sports website and how to effectively use the site. Following the steps found here will help the referee establish a good working relationship with the assignor.

General Referee Tips

The videos in this section consist of general tips and recommended best practices for soccer referees in Southwest Idaho.

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