Gem State Challenge

The Gem State Challenge tournament is sponsored by the Idaho Youth Soccer Association (IYSA). The tournament is held annually around the first weekend in October at the Simplot Sports Complex in Boise. Since high school soccer is still in full swing, the tournament is typically limited to teams in the U10 to U15 divisions. The tournament draws teams from not only Idaho, but surrounding states as well.

The Gem State Challenge tournament has traditionally been a tournament where referees are trained and have the opportunity to stretch themselves in a lower stress environment. The Idaho Youth Soccer Association has designated the Gem State Challenge tournament as a No Tolerance tournament. That means that absolutely no  referee abuse of any kind will be tolerated from coaches, team officials or parents. Individuals who feel compelled to yell at referees will be asked to leave the game. Referees who may not have done competitive club matches in the past are particularly welcome at this tournament. The tournament is a good introduction to the more competitive youth game. All referees should find the experience worth while.

Current USSF certified referees from outside of Idaho are also very welcome at the Gem State Challenge. The only requirement other than current USSF registration and completing the tournament referee registration form is that you have your state SRA or SYRA confirm your good standing and that you have passed a criminal background check within the last two years. If you have any questions about this requirement, please ask.

All referees should also note the requirement for an ArbiterPay account. Gem State Challenge referees are paid exclusively through ArbiterPay. Instructions for setting up an ArbiterPay account can be found in the support section of Arbiter Sports.

If you have any questions about working as a referee at the Gem State Challenge tournament, please send an email to the assignor, Albert Padley at

Gem State Challenge Referee Registration Form

The 2021 Gem State Challenge has been canceled due to COVID restrictions and a general lack of referees. We hope to see everyone next year.

Gem State Challenge