Some of the emails that we send out are actually sent by the Arbiter system. These emails come from . If you try to respond to one of these messages, your email will go to an unmonitored account at Arbiter and not to me. I will never see it.

The most frequent scenario involves notices of new or changed game assignments. These notices come from . Referees with a problem assignment often respond to these notices expecting to alert me to the problem and to be removed from the game assignment. When they get no response, they send another email to and again get no response. Several days after the first email when the problem game is still on their schedule, these referees angrily contact me through my real email or text message asking why I haven’t removed them from the game. See the problem?

A worst-case scenario is that the referee doesn’t follow up at all. They just assume the problem will be taken care of. They are then shocked to find out they were marked as a No Show on their assignment and won’t be receiving future assignments as a result. Don’t let this happen to you.

Please, if you need to contact me, use the following email address:

I usually respond or take action within a few hours of receiving your message. If I haven’t, check the email address you sent the message to and contact me again or use an alternative method like text. Don’t wait and don’t assume and make the problem worse.