“Which league is my game in?” is a question I frequently receive. The answer is easy to discover if you know the key and where to look. Fortunately, it’s in a place you already check every day – your Arbiter Sports schedule.

Look at your Arbiter Sports schedule and in particular look at the Level column. Part of what you see is an age/gender group like 11B or 14G which translates to Under 11 Boys or Under 14 Girls. However, in some cases, there is more information there in the form of initials or words. Those initials designate the league and are always a prefix to the age/gender group.

Which League

RS – Rush Development League
Outback – ISL (Rec) formerly the Outback League
Outback-ISL – ISL (Rec) (increased fee)
BTT – BTT Youth League
BTT Comp – BTT Competitive U9 League
ST – Star Parks & Rec League
E – Eagle Parks & Rec League
No initials – ISL (formerly D-3)

For example, if the level for the game you are assigned to is RS 14B, it means you have an under 14 boys game in the Rush Development League.

Hopefully, this clears up any lingering misunderstandings about which league your game is in. If not, let me know.