The assigning procedure and my expectations are something I think my referee partners should know and understand. There is a handy matrix that you can download to view the assigning procedures and expectations visually. The detailed assigning procedure is what this article is about.

The Assigning Procedure

  • I begin my assigning procedure on Friday. While I expect your Arbiter Sports calendar to be correct at all times, it is particularly important that your calendar be up-to-date by Thursday night each week. Trying to block your calendar after I begin that week’s assignments is a meaningless exercise on your part and will inevitably lead to assignments being turned back. Turnbacks are something you never want to do.
  • Assignments are published sometime on Sunday, usually around noon. You will immediately be sent an email letting you know you have new game assignments. These assignments will be for the upcoming Saturday and the week following. We have weeknight and occasional Sunday games so make sure your calendar correctly reflects your weeknight and Sunday availability.
  • I expect you to check your assignments in Arbiter on Sunday and immediately let me know if there is a problem. Arbiter timestamps when you view your schedule.
  • You cannot decline an assignment. I do not use that Arbiter feature. That’s why I emphasize keeping your Arbiter calendar up-to-date. If the calendar shows you are available, I expect that you will fulfill the assignment.
  • If there is a problem with an assignment, you need to let me know no later than Monday. That gives me a chance to find someone else to replace you. Referees who wait until Wednesday or Thursday will find their assignments diminished or eliminated.
  • The assigning procedure continues throughout the week and I publish a list of games that still need referees every day. Please email me if you can fill one of these open positions. I usually fill them on a first to respond basis. My goal is to have 100% coverage every week. You can find the most up-to-date list at . The list is date stamped so you can always tell when it was last updated.
  • I send an update email most days during the season. Things change throughout the season and leagues often ask me to communicate their requests and concerns, so please read these emails immediately. I can’t tell you how many times I have covered something important in the update email and still had problems because referees did not read it.
  • I also publish announcements on the Arbiter home page. Please check for these each time to log in.
  • Game reports and misconduct reports are due in Arbiter within 48 hours for all leagues. This applies to center referees only. Assistant referees do not have reporting responsibilities. Failure to file a timely game report means you won’t be paid for the game due to league requirements.
  • Finally, please make sure you have set up your ArbiterPay account AND linked the ArbiterPay account to your Arbiter account. You can check this by logging into Arbiter, clicking “ARBITERPAY” under PAYMENTS. If your ArbiterPay account is listed, then you are set up. If not, please follow the video tutorial in the support section of Arbiter. You can’t be paid if ArbiterPay and Arbiter aren’t set up correctly. If you have questions about ArbiterPay, please send them to ArbiterPay support. I can’t help with ArbiterPay issues because ArbiterPay acts as a bank and does not share your account information with me.